Your Friends in the Inspection Business

734 Main St.

Acushnet, MA 02743

(508) 995-2571 

Inspection Station Hours

Monday - Friday




Massachusetts Official Vehicle Inspection Station


Non-Commercial Vehicle Inspections

All Passenger Cars & Trucks both gas or diesel.


Commercial Vehicles & Trailers Inspections

Commercial vehicles (Trucks or Trailers) up to 26,000lbs. Our Inspection bay can accommodate any size vehicle. We have the space outside for you to comfortably maneuver your rig!!

All commercial inspections meet State & Federal DOT requirements.


Classic & Antique Vehicle Inspections

We specialize in classic cars!! Soft touch lift equipment & our attention to detail will make your visit comfortable as we take good care of your baby. Our inspectors understand the special laws and regulations regarding classic & antique cars and will help you to stay cruisin.

Motorcycle Inspections


Take a leisurely scenic ride in the country & get your Motorcycle Inspection Sticker!!  Avoid the city and traffic!! No hassle & lots of room for you and your riding buddies to hang out & take a break.

RV Inspections


Getting Ready for Camping Season? We can do your RV Inspection! RV‘s up to 26,000lbs GVWR are welcome!! 

TNC Vehicle Inspections


Uber & Lyft (TNC)  Official Inspection Station For Massachusetts required annual safety inspection.


7D Pupil Transportation Inspections

7D bi-annual safety inspections for Pupil Transportation.

Coming Soon


CDL Commercial Truck Inspections

Commercial Trucks 26,001 and over!!